Losing weight with ease

Weight loss
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You might think yeah yeah heard it all before….and you, like me may have a library full of weight loss books some I have bought to try and others I have bought to inspire me…from:   5:2 (eating less for 2 days per week), Scarsdale (which I have favoured previously low fat and low carb), Dr Phil’s weight solution (interesting but wordy), F-Plan (high fibre), Dr Atkins (high fat), Rosemary Conley’s Hip & Thigh Diet (too many things on her forbidden food list), 101 ways to lose weight (a few good ideas), The Zone diet (thinking of food hormonally), The Dukan Diet (introducing different food groups), The blood type diet and more…lots more. I have also attended slimming clubs and eaten specially pre-packed meals for dieting, lived off shakes for a couple of weeks (some of these can work however do be careful for prolonged use —  as it did for me, when I finally returned to normal eating I found it incredibly hard to return to my normal bodily functions as had been on such a low calorie intake for too long…anyway from my experience many are expensive options and — there is another way.

Are you tired of following a programme? Carrying around a diet sheet or having to count calories and weigh everything before you consume it??? Have you been frightened of standing on your scales for fear of breaking them??? Well join the gang — yes I, like you have fought my fears —waiting for just the right time to kick start yet another batch of weight loss. Perhaps you may have been diagnosed with high cholesterol like me. So something has to be done — and now.

This does work. So breathe — I have found a solution that actually works — and you can still enjoy life and a glass or two of fizz (here and there). The good news is YOUR LIFE WILL NOT BE OVER — I do encourage doing something active daily, this can be : swimming, sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking, pilates, kite-boarding, surfing, kick-boxing, zumba, horse-riding, cycling, roller-blading or simply walking (with or without your dog) — one activity ideally for 30 mins or more.

Lose weight with me. It will cost you nothing — and I am happy to virtually help you. Just comment on this blog, you may have to sign into my blog with your email which will not only allow you to comment on my blog but you will also have my blog directly delivered to your inbox as soon as I post it — and the best news it is FREE!!!

Feeling inspired is always good and WHY?? – you might ask —why should you follow my blog and enjoy ‘losing weight with ease’??? Because it works that’s why! Last year I lost 26 kilos with ease at the time I was weighing in heavy — looking and feeling blobby up to Size 18 –yuk! –(For the male factor that might be reading this — it is large). Thankfully I have a background in clothing retail (rag trade) so I at least could disguise my rather awful size (not great when getting ready for bed — certainly not easy on the eyes — and who wants to see you with no clothes on — flabby — certainly not me — so why put your loved ones through it???

Anyway, yes I lost the weight but like some, I did yo-yo back — there is often a reason for it — for me I was ran over by a car — one broken back later — lots of drugs (for the pain and anxiety) and —oh yes weight gain through stress eating…oh no and my cholesterol returned to a dangerous 7.2 for my bad cholesterol—so woa something has to be done — and NOW —AGAIN!!!!

My psyche is back on track, motivation is up to max and my energy level is 10/10 so whilst I live with pain from my accident my physio tells me I have to keep moving so, moving I am. Last time I managed to get my cholesterol down to 5 so am hoping to get back there again.

Interested???? If yes, sign-up today — it will cost you nothing — and as of tomorrow I will start posting some daily recommendations of how to eat well, sharing what I have done the previous day for my activity and without compromising on what looks good before popping it into my mouth you can see how easy it is to eat well, enjoy your food, not be hungry and lose weight.

It is important to satisfy your senses — by eating yummy food that looks good and tastes great!

Looking forward to hearing from you here on my blog. Happy to answer any questions and delighted to hear how you (like me) will be progressing on the scales. Getting your mojo back and feeling able to resume things in your life that you thought were a thing of the past.

Now then have a cuppa and relax tomorrow losing weight starts here 🙂

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  1. Hi Petra, like you I have literally tried every diet that came along during my life. I am managing ok to loose weight with low carb & dinner cancelling but 2 weekend invitations destroy the efforts of the past week. So, it’s a bit frustrating. 😯 Going on a 2 weeks fasting program every year has given a real boost to our immune system and is lowering our weight on a very long term perspective. But I think inspiring each other, exchanging recipes and encouraging each other is a great initiative and I am happy to join your blog! Good luck for all of us 😙👭👍


    1. Hi again Manuela,
      Do take it easy with fasting (even if you have done it before). Inspiring each other is very important and I am certain that Wolfgang will be inspiring you as I hope to also. Happy to exchange recipes.
      Looking forward to catching up more on my blog.


      1. Hi Petra, don’t worry, these fasting weeks are always guided by a specialist and we are enjoying the place and being pampered there with massages, fresh air and nice talks about food (yes!!! nothing more important ;-). It is a wonderful place and during these 2 weeks we have nothing else to do but to take care of ourselves. No distractions, no worries. This is for us what we have started a few years ago with Ayurveda in Sri Lanka and India. But after an ayurvedic herb poisoning I was mentally out of it until we were introduced to this precious place in the middle of nowhere in Bavaria and we love this yearly routine! In the meantime I have time (or take the time) to cook for us very conscious, healthy, regional and seasonal food. Our Island Tenerife is blessed with a wonderful diversity of different veggies and fruits all year round and this is the base of our daily food. Wolfgang still doesn’t even look at any food coming from the water (maybe you remember) and even though I have opened up and left my rigid no meat diet (for different reasons), vegetarian dishes are still our favorites. We would not consider to go completely plant based – this will never be our cup of “tea” but we try to enjoy diversity. And most of all: food is enjoyment, life quality, social fun etc. And this is how I see it – even while needed to loose some weight. So I look very much forward to your blog, be inspired and hopefully be able to contribute some inspirations for you as well – that would be great!


      2. Hi Manuela,
        I am so pleased that you are both happy and healthy and it seems Bavaria is kind to you when you visit.
        In Tenerife I am sure the produce is good — tell me are there any items that you didn’t see in the Middle East? I actually forgot Wolfgang isn’t eating fish etc., Does he get his iron from liver instead? So sorry to hear about your poisoning in India that sounds awful.
        Well love to you both.
        I will see you for another catch up here on my blog.


    2. Hi Manuela,
      Sorry for not responding sooner. Yes the scales can be fearless. That is why (as now) traveling I will take a break and be kind to myself. Once back in 2 weeks from Vietnam I will resume this forum and we can all work towards our goals to get healthy and have fun doing it.x


      1. Hi Petra, enjoy your trip to Vietnam! They have great food there!! We are presently in our yearly fasting program and are enjoying it as always. To cleanse your entire system feels so great, to leave your body some time to do essential repair work without having to bother to digest food iis precious! We have lost so far 4 (me) and 5,5 kkg (Wolfgang) and the good thing is that we know we won`t regain them once we are back home through our homemade food. This yearly 2 weeks fasting made us loose about 10kg each over 2 years time and we feel healthy and fit and have a great immune system. Would recommend it to everybody as it has such a lot of health benefits, too! Take care and always enjoy life – this is the most important thing – you know that anyhow better than anybody else! ;-))


      2. Hi Manuela,

        Your cleanse sounds great and well done to Wolfgang too. So what are you doing…juicing..reduced calories..no carbs??? Do share.

        Wishing you both well.



  2. Hi Petra,

    Having seen how well you have done for yourself I’m willing to give it a go. I need some of your inspiration! We both share our love for the good things in life so I know you will not make me deprive myself of those:) What would be important for me as a working mum is that the meals would be relatively simple to prepare yet nutritious. I’ve recently been running out of ideas and seem to be cooking the same few meals all the time. Looking forward to some new fresh ideas!


    1. Hi Marika,
      Welcome to my virtual room. Hopefully I can inspire you a little. As you know I am all about making food fun and uncomplicated. So hopefully this will help you with your time constraints and inspire you to try new things.
      Enjoy the blog.


    2. Hi Marika,
      Sorry I realise I never responded to you. As you know I am currently in Vietnam…so will be kind to myself on this much awaited trip. Once back in approx 2 weeks I will resume so we can all lose weight together 🙂


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