Petra Harmer-Shrowder

Enjoy the Prosecco

After a year of taking some time out….Pressure from my friends has induced me to  concede to take up the gauntlet and resume blogging –thus  ‘Hold the Prosecco.’

This is a newsy light-hearted style blog allowing the reader to learn of everything that appeals to the senses — smells, tastes and views. Now based in Melbourne my aim is to share my foodie perspective of the best of the best! Periodically I will take you through various countries in the world;  offering top tips on cooking; exhilarate your senses through sharing some unique experiences …. All of which will be dispersed through this blog.

Each month there will be a focus on a charity that has touched my heart –this may be a well-known  charity –or one that I feel needs a helping hand.



  1. What a brilliant, entertaining and sumptuous blog for all things Melbourne and more! I can’t wait to visit 🙂 Love Hold the Prosecco!


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