• Over the past eight years in Australia I have been involved with and/or support:

(Formerly Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation) – If you would like to learn more about how you might be able to help out at their forthcoming fundraiser in Melbourne
‘Put your Foot Down 2021’ on 17 October, 2021 please click on their website and drop a line to their Events team. Lisa Brooke is their Community and Events Manager:     
  • Ride to Conquer Cancer – This takes place between Albert Park to Mornington and then return.  The 200km cycle ride is to raise awareness and funds for Peter Mac. Also, The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers benefiting Peter Mac. In 2015 I headed up the Crew marshals.
  • Pancare Foundation – this is a charity close to my families heart focusing on Pancreatic Cancer.
  • Team Vista – Led by Kerry Ann Frost and set-up jointly with her late husband Kerry William Frost, is an Australian not-for-profit organisation based in Moshi / Tanzania to assist those in the community that live in poverty.  The team have assisted the young through education and setting up schools and older students with higher education to help break the poverty cycle. Parents of those being sponsored have been taught trades and and ALL give back in some way, sometimes by providing an extra piece of wood for cooking, but usually they come to help clean the school, help clear the grounds, help with planting crops, which we provide.  Team Vista is a development organisation that believes in helping people living in poverty with a hand up – not a hand out. ….To learn more about their current projects and to see how you can get involved either click on Team Vista facebook page or the Team Vista website.
  • The Freedom Hub – Led by Sally Irwin. The focus is to end modern slavery. Sally has over 10 years of working with survivors of human trafficking, in Australia and Europe. She launched the company in 2014 that specifically works to end slavery in Australia and rehabilitate victims of this crime and partners in the fight to end global slavery. The Freedom Hub now includes:
    • A survivor school for victims.
    • Ethical cafe and event venue.
    • Ethical business services. 

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