Losing, Losing & Lost

The challenge of losing weight is always hard to embrace and getting into the right headspace to lose is the key. I find it always better to commence your weight loss journey when you are good and ready as YOU need to commit to YOU. Many readers of mine or on my other social media... Continue Reading →

Give in to your cravings

Dieting shouldn’t be endurance or survival of the fittest. We all lose weight at our own speed, however when we are inspired we can all do so much more. Inspiration is a wonderful thing to move forward with our lives. It will be interesting to hear from my virtual friends to learn how your diets... Continue Reading →

Losing weight with ease

You might think yeah yeah heard it all before....and you, like me may have a library full of weight loss books some I have bought to try and others I have bought to inspire me...from:   5:2 (eating less for 2 days per week), Scarsdale (which I have favoured previously low fat and low carb),... Continue Reading →

All I want for Christmas is you!

Well yes this is correct but aren’t we supposed to be wrapped up in a beautiful package looking the best that we can be??? With 70 sleeps until Christmas we need to get cracking …and on the days that we aren’t going out for dinner or being invited out for a celebratory lunch we need... Continue Reading →

Tipping the scales

Well some days they go down more than others...don't get disheartened tomorrow is another day. Remember the super large avocado's are higher in calories as they are bigger than the small variety...so only have a quarter and not a half (as I did yesterday) also probably why I only lost 1/4 Ib --- still it... Continue Reading →

Hold the Margarita

Another 1Ib down (and a total of 2 kilos lost). Definitely something to celebrate. You might ask why 'Hold the Margarita'??? Well yesterday saw me walking around my beloved docklands (approx 1.5k) with a stop off at DFO to assist my extended family -- lots of great-nephews and a niece with their desired purchases ---... Continue Reading →

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