Diversity is life

Check-out this recent VIP tour led by Bree McKilligan, Pride Giving Adviser She/Her of The Victorian Pride Centre, Melbourne and Cr Steve Stefanopoulos, Deputy Chair of the Pride Fund with Andrew Chamberlain and Steve Dimopoulos MP.

The Power of Social Media

HOW TO HARNESS SOCIAL MEDIA? Enticing others to ‘join’ the conversation.’ Vlogging is one easy way to start with a short one minute video, posted daily on Instagram, soon you will build followers. If you should go down this route – remember the camera can be your friend or your enemy – keep it short,... Continue Reading →

Losing, Losing & Lost

The challenge of losing weight is always hard to embrace and getting into the right headspace to lose is the key. I find it always better to commence your weight loss journey when you are good and ready as YOU need to commit to YOU. Many readers of mine or on my other social media... Continue Reading →

What’s on in August in Melbourne

Melbourne Film Festival 2017 (3-20 August) has some outstanding Premiere's. So far I have seen The Song Keepers which showcases the aboriginal heritage and German baroque songs that are being preserved by the Central Australian Women's Choir and highlights their tour to Germany singing in many Lutheran Churches. Other movie premiere's on my radar are:... Continue Reading →

Losing weight with ease

You might think yeah yeah heard it all before....and you, like me may have a library full of weight loss books some I have bought to try and others I have bought to inspire me...from:   5:2 (eating less for 2 days per week), Scarsdale (which I have favoured previously low fat and low carb),... Continue Reading →

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