Tipping the scales

Stir-fryWell some days they go down more than others…don’t get disheartened tomorrow is another day.

Remember the super large avocado’s are higher in calories as they are bigger than the small variety…so only have a quarter and not a half (as I did yesterday) also probably why I only lost 1/4 Ib — still it is still a small win and the scales did tip.

So, through the day yesterday I had a couple of bananas, a lovely stir-fry at lunch-time comprising of: beansprouts, corn, green beans and egg with tamarind soy and cooked in coconut spray (cholesterol free). In the evening carb-free homemade chicken soup with some smoked cheese and celery and sea salt –love the crunch (I think I had a few too many pieces of cheese too!)— still a little of what you like can’t be bad right?????? Well as long as it is a little, then it is good but try not to be too generous on your serve of high-fat content food items.

Omitting exercise yesterday was another huge mistake that will be rectified today.
Phew! Well another day and hopefully the scales will tip further tomorrow.

Enjoy your day 🙂

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