Hold the Margarita

Mexican salad hold the margarita
Churros & ChocolateAnother 1Ib down (and a total of 2 kilos lost). Definitely something to celebrate.

You might ask why ‘Hold the Margarita’??? Well yesterday saw me walking around my beloved docklands (approx 1.5k) with a stop off at DFO to assist my extended family — lots of great-nephews and a niece with their desired purchases — then of course we had to have lunch at our favoured Tex Mex — previously (BWL – Before weight loss) my niece and I would enjoy a tortilla with a margarita…however now, it is a case of hold the margarita and give me a huge side of Mexican salad with yummy guacamole, corn, grated cheese, black beans, salsa and leaves — it was somewhat spicy so it seemed only just to steal half a churro with chocolate dip —decidedly yummy and sinful but it just goes to show that you can give in (just a little) to your cravings and satisfy your hunger. You can’t starve yourself when losing weight you have to be sensible and balance your scales.

After a much needed balance in the afternoon with my Kinesiologist I focused (of course) on my next meal — sadly losing weight does make you focus rather a lot on food —but it can be fun. Of course you have to be mindful when catering for your loved ones as they don’t have to ‘hold the pasta’ they can actually eat it! :-)…. for us mere mortals we can have pasta substitutes such as: red cabbage & broccoli that I enjoyed with smoked salmon, pesto and pine nuts for supper — Extremely yummy. Followed by lots of green tea (anti-cancergenic, also it can make you: smarter, reduce anxiety (wondering where/when your next meal is coming from), it increases fat-burning, followed by a juicy orange 🙂

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  1. Well after a week of eating some cakes/desserts with visitors I am back on Slimming World, put on half a kilo, so I think I have got off well. The scales will tell at next Wednesday’s weigh in


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