Post 2 on countdown to Christmas – Another 1Ib down now making 1 kilo lost

IMG_5984Yeah oh yeah I can hear those sleigh bells calling! Isn’t it great to lose weight and feel healthy? It is just awesome seeing the scales reduce — many say don’t get on the scales everyday —forget that — celebrate the small wins even if they are only a pound.

The hunger pangs hit around mid-afternoon yesterday when I arrived home after my Hydrotherapy class, then Physio using: The reformer, a pilates roll and a static bike (not all at the same time). Met my hubby in town for a short walk and then trammed followed by a rather chilly ride on one of Melbourne’s city bikes. Have to get a little exercise in, all power for the cause in maximising the weight loss.

Soooo to stave off of the hunger pangs once home, I enjoyed a few slices of Taleggio cheese wrapped in some lettuce leaves accompanied by half an avocado (great at this time of year, remember if you only use half an avo leave the stone in the remainder which should prevent it from discolouring). Don’t worry I had a brekkie of fruit — and a cheese omelette for lunch with some leaves. Dinner was A huge salad with yummy beetroot (can’t believe I am saying this as I hated it as a child) however now….it is a great additive just a 100gms or so to throw into the salad. It has Vits A + B, Calcium, Iron, Potassium and more, I also added: a handful of pine nuts, shaved parmesan, and a healthy shake of aged caramelised balsamic which added a zing. This complemented my lean strips of shallow fried veal scallopini (use olive oil spray or coconut spray both are good and lower in calories). Dessert was a lovely bowl of strawberries followed by a few buckets of green tea 🙂

Enjoy your day I hope you are enjoying your weight loss too with the run-up to Christmas. Let me know how you are doing.


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