Weight loss – how much is enough?

How many of us look in the mirror and are happy? Go on be honest. I think it is safe to say that even those with good bodies still have something niggling thing that they would like to improve upon.

Sadly many of us have body image issues – these may have been with us since children and we may have been ridiculed by others when growing up. We can however in our adult lives say enough is enough and we can take the bull by the preverbial horns – or the ‘cutting board and a knife’ and decide what we should chop up next and consume.

IMG_9199(Freshly picked basil, avocado, mozzarella on a bed of spinach leaves)

I am no exception, as a child I was larger than my friends who had rather good bodies so I had to try that little bit harder to lose weight — sometimes it was a case of facing huge challenges to try and maintain my body shape. As my life developed I took a greater interest in nutrition and whilst I can pack away some tempting rather rich foods as easily as my friends I now know what will do me the most harm longterm, studying Kinesiology I have a clearer understanding of what is balanced and what will tip the scales.

(Bacon & egg on rye for breakfast with a large cup of Lavazza coffee. Fruit is always good for a replacement lunch, and the green salad is often good to go with some protein for dinner)

Currently I am on a rather tricky challenge as some of you may know. I am trying to lose 20 kilos in 100 days. —- 9 kilos down and 58 days to go—.



This is a personal challenge raising money for Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation and losing such a quantity of weight in such a short period of time has its challenges but it is not impossible it just needs a lot of will power and a new approach every week or two. Our bodies can tolerate different diets but when you need to lose ‘and lose’ it is important to keep changing the diet up. If you keep on the same eating regime then not only you will get bored your body will get comfortable and the weight loss may slow down. If you would like to sponsor me with my weight loss please click here.


(Seafood cassoulet of Basa Filets and Clams in a yummy garlic sauce –for those that know me I am intolerant to tomatoes however they give a lovely boost of colour to the dish –remember we eat with our eyes )

Health check – remember before you start any diets to get one first to ensure that your body is fit to start something new. See your GP, nutritionist or Kinesiologist — which is always useful as a Kinesiologist can test up your body to see if there are certain foods that your body won’t tolerate so you can omit these from your diet which will optimise your health. Also remember the majority of weight loss is achieved from moderating what goes into your mouth and not what you do. For the first couple of weeks to kick-start, it is often good to focus purely on your diet, then slowly incorporate exercise into your life. Don’t take on too many classes initially, as this may not be sustainable in your life. Try out fun group classes such as Pilates or Yoga – get in touch with your inner self through Reiki — above all be kind to yourself –inside and out. Then try out walking groups, aqua aerobics and when you feel happy to move a little more try out fun things like Zumba or Body Pump, I have a friend doing Pole dancing which also uses quite a lot of stamina and calories but may not be for everyone. Always let the teacher know that you are new to the class so they can keep an eye on you to ensure that you aren’t over doing it. Remember some people may be regulars so they are used to picking up the pace –but always start at a pace comfortable to you.


My current weekly workout is a cross between: Hatha Yoga, Pilates with Hydrotherapy and an Exercise Physiologist weekly. I also take the opportunity to walk and cycle for 15-20 mins most days. Then I have a second physio for acupuncture every 10 days. This is important for me as I have a few other challenges with pain management to deal with — you see none of us have an easy ride when working towards our goals, which brings me to my question how much is enough? Please let me know your thoughts on this. – my approach is to have a realistic goal and then work by yourself and if possible with friends to achieve achieve it. It is always easier if you have a friend to encourage you along or if you can afford a personal trainer, why not!

(West beach, St Kilda — beautiful fresh air and listen to the waves coming in)

Nowadays if you have a good budget you can even purchase a weekly diet and the daily contents will get delivered to you. I have a few friends that this works for overseas I think this works for people that don’t enjoy shopping or being in the kitchen or don’t feel confident preparing their meals. That is why some kickstart diets can be easy to follow as they are rather basic. Once you get the hang of what you can and can’t eat through the education process then you can start doing more and varying your diet a little. I have attached a few interesting dishes that I have had in the last week which may inspire you and give you an idea of what is good to have and what looks interesting and fills you.

Please let me know how you did during the last week I am interested to hear and am happy to give you some tips along the way.

I'd really love to hear your comments.

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