Losing, Losing & Lost

The challenge of losing weight is always hard to embrace and getting into the right headspace to lose is the key. I find it always better to commence your weight loss journey when you are good and ready as YOU need to commit to YOU. Many readers of mine or on my other social media space will have seen that I am on a mission at present to lose — wait for it—-

20 kilos in 100 days – well I am already 3.2 kilos down

and 17 kilos to go – phew! If you would like to donate to

my deserving charity for Pancreatic Cancer Research then please read on and donate through this secure link: CLICK HERE

I started with 92.8KG and today am 89.6KG

How am I doing it you might ask yourself! – Well not with any expensive aids such as appetite suppressants, diuretics or expensive delivery meal plan companies — or powdered shakes. I am doing my weight loss the old fashioned way through a little nutritional know how and DIY cooking made simple.

No one likes to spend a long time in the kitchen – for whatever reason – unless you are doing a complicated gastronomique delight which really isn’t necessary when losing weight. My way is through using lots of FRESH veg and FRESH fish and FRESH meat and FRESH fruit all straight from the market. My style of cooking is keeping the freshness in the cooking through not over cooking and by using enticing herbs and spices to theme my dish. For breakfasts and lunches I like to use a few ingredients to optimise flavour , tantalise my tastebuds and minimise my budget and cooking stress.

Wok cooking is great – stir frys and frying shouldn’t be an ugly word, you can fry without using heaps of oil. If you are cooking Asian then coconut or peanut oil are great to use but only about 1 tbsp. I love using cooking sprays as you use less oil but are able to evenly coat the pan. Pan-frying is ok with olive oil or a mix of oil with a small nob of butter (and I mean small) to give it more of a glossy look and a sophisticated finish.

I have included a few of my meals over the past few days since starting my challenge which contain everything from eating out (Vietnamese with our family) opting for lettuce cups to replace the rice or starches – most restaurants are used to dealing with dietary requirements even if you are opting for a set menu. Though I do allow myself a cheeky glass of Prosecco J To eating in – from a traditional liver and bacon feast (and hold the potatoes, substitute with cauliflower mash – just squeeze out the water when mashed and hold the butter – don’t worry it still tastes good). Cauliflower is the new go-to substitute for carbs, it can be used to create everything from a rissole – to a thickener in a soup. It is yummy and only takes half the time to cook, try it out!

Let me know if you would like any extra top tips on how to shift your weight without going mad in the gym — don’t get me wrong I strongly endorse moving as it is not only the best medication to my rather damaged back but it is good for you and will firm up your body through your weight loss journey. Not all of us are blessed to be able to move freely so start with your diet and build on your exercise. Walking is a great way to start, then incorporate a little bike ride and perhaps a swim.  (For those lacking confidence as a  swimmer start out by walking in the water. I love doing hydrotherapy exercises and it puts little pressure on the body but it is a great form of exercise.

Hydrotherapy exercises: 2 laps walking forwards, 2 sideways, 2 backwards (watch out for passing traffic) 🙂 and then hold onto the side of the pool facing outwards and do a 2 minute cycle with your legs outstretched. Start gently but if you mean to lose weight it is good to keep moving. It can be fun if you can get one of your friends to do something with you.

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