Autumn Top Tips


  1. Eat produce in season. Currently the root vegetables such as artichokes, carrots, parsnips and fennel are in season. There are still a few pine mushrooms to be had and mandarins, melons, apples and lots of nuts are still in abundance. There are many produce markets but I love shopping at the Victoria and South Melbourne Markets. However, for something different when you have the time for especially good produce that might be a little more expensive but often worth it, check out Collingwood Children’s Farm Farmers Market.
  2. If you are on a time limit for wining and dining then let your host know and you may be pleasantly surprised as we were recently in
  3. Roast dinners are heart-warming and at present are turning out some fabulous ones each Sunday. They have coming up in June chicken, lamb, pork and duck sadly you have already missed the roast beef…thankfully I didn’t J
  4. If you like to see Melbourne by a combo of public transport then you might think of adding bicycles to the mix of trains and trams by visiting You can hire bicycles for half an hour for under $3. If they are missing a helmet at the pick-up area you can buy a helmet from selected 7-Eleven’s for $5 and then it is for you to keep. They don’t come with a padlock but you can easily drop the bike off at a different station to that you hired from and pop off and have a coffee or see a movie.
  5. Look down the laneways in Melbourne: there are many in the CBD that house hidden treasures of secret bars such as The Americano, The Croft Institute and The Cherry Bar, or check out the many cafes and tapas bars in Degraves Street.

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