Carlton Wine Room shows its Autumn Colours

The Autumn leaves enhanced the themed evening beautifully
The Autumn leaves enhanced the themed evening beautifully

IMG_6865 IMG_6870 IMG_6871 IMG_6872 IMG_6873Dining out in Carlton is lots of fun!

Every opportunity to attend one of Jay’s themed dinners is always an occasion and his recent Autumn Oasis Dinner was no exception. From the leaves cascading from the tables to the leaf strewn floor the mezzanine level had been dressed full of autumn promise.

Initially during the meet and greet we were given a delicious Cocktail with Stones Green Ginger Wine and Ginger Ale. The canapés ranged from a morsel of fish & chips to oysters and an interesting Cocchi Ginger Mac. At Jay’s soirées there is always an interesting mix of people from corporates to Barristers to newlyweds. As you are asked to change table after each course it gave us an opportunity to meet quite a few people.

Jay Bessel also referred to as the ‘Jack Sparrow’ of the wine & food industry wearing his customary cravat and swagger of Joie de vie.

When we were encouraged to take our seats the mood lighting of candles created a welcoming and warm ambience and thereafter we commenced our culinary journey through a varied and interesting menu with beautifully paired wines. The focus of the menu maintained the theme of best in market available produce in autumn.

The Menu


Lamb Tartare

2011 Marcel Deiss Blanc d’Alsace     Alsace France


Gnocchi, mushrooms, oxtail

2011 Borgogno Langhe Freisa DOC Piedmont Italy


Venison, beetroot, pomegranate

Served with sides of:

Duck fat potatoes

Oak leaf salad

2012 Massena Saperavi Barossa SA


Pumpkin, quince, buttermilk

NV Pellegrino Marsala Superiore DOC Oro Sicily Italy

The menu was executed beautifully but we did at times feel that Jay and his team were stretched a little too thin as they had a full house on their four levels including their cellar room. The price point was excellent value at just $95pp.

That’s all for now!


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