Day of the Dead themes at Mejico – Melbourne

So why is it that some Mexican restaurants highlight ‘Dia de Muertos‘? Well the Day of the Dead  is a national holiday at the beginning of November in Mexico. In ancient Mexican cultures it is a time of celebration – the good and evil were not separated and everything is part of a cycle, and in death people will go down but that is a cause of celebration as down is where life starts.

At Mejico a secret restaurant in the heart of the city down some rather black and unmarked laneways, you will find yourself in a U-shaped laneway that is named only on one side Pink Alley the other has bins and blackness. You must persist as you will find the most extraordinary restaurant full of skulls in cages and amazing themed design. After you have taken in the initial shock of the extraordinary sights you will be greeted by friendly staff who will place you on sharing tables or individual. It is casual dining but don’t be fooled — at Mejico they are serious about food. The flavours of the dishes pop and the attention to detail, creating their unusual plates of food, is really wonderful.

Now I have experienced this restaurant once, I can’t wait to return, — it is through the secret whispers amongst friends who have tried something they loved, that promotes this rather special restaurant. We heard initially about the Corn ribs and the Guacomole made at your table. However, there is so much more on their menu. Grilled halloumi with burnt honey, hazelnuts and currants. Jalapeño poppers, delicious Tacos and Tostadas and Cerviche. I highly recommend the Roasted pineapple & habanero salsa with blue corn chips (yes they were blue) 🙂 To finish you can enjoy Churros dulce de Leche to neutralise any spice and balance your palate.

The cocktails varied in potency but carried an amazing theme of rum for me, Margheritas –their signature cocktail and juices laced with the amber nectare. All are a must try — I managed about five but rum is a favourite of mine linked to my Carribean halcyon days with nips of rum — at Mejico it is quite different.

There are some bar stools for those who rock up without a booking but do book as this place gets busy fast!

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