Worlds longest lunch – Melbourne is back!

Set-in Treasury Gardens, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival finally returns — after a lengthy set-back due to pandemic restrictions it was wonderful to participate in this superb annual event.

This year celebrity chefs Philippe Mouchel, Jacques Raymond and Stephanie Alexander took a course each and created something inspirational. Kicking off with Philippe Mouchel’s Beetroot-cured king salmon with a fennel salad was perfection on a plate and a joy to eat. Jacques Raymond followed on with his famous Duck a l’orange with black rice & Choy sum — a difficult dish to do for a cool 2,500 seated guests but it was delicious. To conclude with had Stephanie Alexander’s Pear and brown butter tart with sapore and ice-cream, due to the rather hot day (29 degrees) the ice-cream just made it to the table prior to melting but the tart had a beautiful buttery short pastry which was very enjoyable.

When interviewed by the many film crews present Jacque Raymond said “How happy he was to be here to produce this lunch in Melbourne and what a beautiful city and thank you so much to the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival to all the team that have managed to put this up again. I was very worried if this could be put up again, but God is with us and what a set-up the whole world will be envious!”

Considering the tickets for MFWF sell out rather quickly it shows that there are some savvy people that are on their mailing list and very quick off the mark in purchasing.

Whilst enjoying all the pleasures of kicking back with friends and making new ones along your table, it was such a delight whilst listening to the roving jazz band, tasting a few of Tahbilk’s wines. I particularly enjoyed the Couselant NV Chardonnay Pinot Noir and the Grenache Mourvèdre Rose 2020 — which was fresh, young and chilled a delight on such a hot. To conclude we enjoyed the Tahbilk Cane Cut Marsanne 2016 that slid down the throat like honey — wow, simply delicious and a great way to finish our day in Treasury Gardens.


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