Affordable Art Fair Melbourne 2019

Wow! Rocking up to this week’s extraordinary art fair at the VIP preview was exceptional. The collation of this impressive exhibition is through the driving force of Camilla Hewitson, Regional Managing Director and board member Asia Pacific with her team from their head office in Singapore.

I was astonished to learn that the cap for the art works is just AUD12,000 creating the ‘affordable’ USP.

From the moment I walked in until my exit I was hit by wonderful collections of art from standalone artists to galleries showcasing their best of.

You can still catch the exhibition as it is on for a further two days; running until 6pm on September 8, 2019 at the Royal Exhibition Building Melbourne. This prestigious building is huge and reminds me of both Crystal Palace and Alexandra Palace Grade 11 listed buildings in London, UK. The selection of this beautiful building to host such an exhibition was a masterpiece in itself. I really thought that only a portion of this building would be used — but no — the whole building had art exhibits everywhere with the inclusion of interactive displays, and the Young Talent Victoria exhibition. Performing artists were present whether as a cameo for an artwork or as the beautiful Maori dancers from New Zealand there was a new dynamic at every turn along a walk way.

Maori dancers

You can catch other Affordable Art Fair exhibitions in Singapore (22-24 November 2019) and Hong Kong (14-17 May 2020).

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