Hidden Bars in Melbourne

Winter is here and it is always lovely to get cosy…however, who would have thought this would occur in a car park with a converted storage container as a bar? — Only in Melbourne! Last weekend after enjoying wandering around the CBD I decided to do a little pub crawl to see what could be found. First stop was Section 8 which is a very buzzy hip and interesting crowd with a mix of ages. If you like spiced rum as I do, they have Kraken Rum and a plethora of cocktail delights – I will have mine on the rocks please! It is a little hard to find a vacant spot but as possession is nine tenths of the law, if you see an opening move on in or share the space. Cosy but fun. The heaters are hanging from high structures and they are on full blast so no need to dress warm here you will be toasty!

Second stop was a neighbouring bar called Ferdydurke with a rooftop which takes only ten people and overlooks Section 8 with a cool buzzy crowd. Definitely a bar for people that want to escape the maddening crowd and enjoy some serious cocktails. If you head up to the second floor there is a fabulous bar area and if you are lucky you will get Chloe the Irish bartender to lovingly sculpt the orange zest and twist, twist, twist — wow what a Negroni! Currently Negroni’s can be enjoyed at the price of whatever the forecasted temperature of the day is, ours was 18 degrees so just AUD 18 was the cost – what a steal! The Goslings Black Rum was quite good but would love it if they add a spiced rum to their collection. The DJ spun some great chill-out tunes and the bar had a French feel. There were projections on the walls and the vibe was …. well let’s say it was a cool crowd— could have stayed there all night – and certainly will return. 

Third stop was The Emerald Peacock, which is across the laneway from Ferdydurke, the entrance is from Lonsdale Street. Love the bag check, so great to dump the days shopping and work bags and climb the stairs and forget the day. Initially you enter into a huge bar area, but as you walk through you are met with a Middle Eastern theme of chandeliers and quiet corners with excellent music. Moving up to the rooftop you are met with retro sounds giving another layer to the fun bar. We were fortunate to obtain a table so we could eat. The food was reasonably priced, good portions and tasty; particularly the soft shell crab sliders which were amazing value at AUD12 for three. Next time I will try out the middle floor with the comfy seating and lose myself in the luxurious surroundings.

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  1. Wow! I love this blog 💕. I’m always looking to find an interesting little bar to try, definitely going to try your suggestions. Thankyou Holdtheprosecco 🙌🍾🍹🍷🥤🎊🎉


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