Young chefs competing in Melbourne

Young Chef Competition 2016
Concours International des Jeunes Commis Rotisseurs

In April 2016 La Chaine des Rotisseurs hosted the Young Chef Competition at The Crown Culinarium. The standard being high there was a team of professional judges and amateur judges (of which I was one).

The process of judging was extremely interesting — the chefs dishes were marked on: Taste, Presentation and Originality for the three courses that they had to cook, then after the scores were tallied they were compared with the other judges to ascertain the overall winner. The courses comprised of to start scampi, followed by a protein (rump steak) and concluded with a dessert of panacotta with fruits and a tuile.

As you can see from the winner’s presentation and innovation she certainly deserved her winning points.

It was interesting to see that many of the amateur judges were within the 10% bracket of the professional judges so we were certainly on the ball.

The winner (for the second year running) Frances Segura (who was my selection) with this win is now through to the Nationals that will be held in June.

Shirley Anderson, Balli Regional chaired the event and gave out certificates to all the chefs and judges. The Crown Culinarium gave out the prizes of a cheque and a selection of cook books to the winner.

In attendance on the judging panel were a selection of professional members of La Chaine (that work in the industry) also top chef Matteos Pagnelli and a panel of amateur judges (myself included).

Check out this superb time lapse video by Peter Janusik – click here.

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