Are you a food pincher whilst preparing meals?

Can you keep your hands off pinching food when preparing? — It is tempting however it is important to STOP eating others
food. ☺ I know I do it too but we have to STOP . This is where the hidden pounds turn into kilos and it escalates.


My friends with children tell me that they either eat the remnants of their children’s food (which must be pretty unappetising) or they eat two meals first if they have small children then they eat earlier with them and secondly (effectively at the second sitting) with the grown ups. This has to STOP otherwise you can’t keep track of what you are consuming and you might end up wrongly thinking you are eating right when you have already forgotten all the nibbles you have had. For any people with children I would like to hear how you manage your control around your children’s food. Remember you only have to put in your email and you are ready to comment.

A friend told me recently that she is on a high fat low carb diet —part of this I would endorse — that is low carb is always good but high fat can lead to high cholesterol. Good fats are always good but bad fats can compromise your health and well-being. Yes cheese is good but not animal fats –lean is best and this can be tasty with the right seasoning.

I thought I would share with you my recent meals on Sunday to give you some ideas …

Rye bread toasted
Big cup of black coffee

Japanese beef salad : lettuce, spring onions, avocado, grilled steak cooked to taste and thickly sliced – (I prefer it rare). For the dressing: sesame seeds, a few splashes of tamarind soy sauce, 1 dash of avocado oil and a splash of aged balsamic vinegar, cracked sea salt and ground black pepper. (this is a very filling salad and a joy on a sunny day to eat outside) for the vegetarians amongst us omit the steak 🙂

Cauliflower cheese (I use Gluten free flour which is lighter and easier for my digestion this is great to thicken sauces then add milk, Dijon mustard and I used three cheeses: fetta, mascarpone and crumbled parmesan on the top). I cooked the cauliflower first in my pressure cooker (3mins on high pressure) then remove the cauliflower from its juices (but don’t discard keep the veg juice in the freezer and use it for stock). Then add the cheese sauce over the top and put under the grill until it starts to bubble and the top starts looking like a wonderful sunset.
I enjoyed a lovely large mug of green tea (great for the digestion and full of antioxidants).


Bicycle ride or walk along  a nearby beach.


IMG_9531Do let me know how you are all doing and what yummy things you ate over the weekend and what exercise you did? Remember you just need to input your email and then you can comment plus receive all my new blog posts — Easy.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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