Getting around in Melbourne

From the old to the new…Trams, Trams, Trams with the occasional clip clop of horse-drawn carriages thrown in! –You can enjoy a ride in a horse-drawn carriage for 20 mins for $100.

Horse drawn carriage in Melbourne

In the city circle it is free for Melbournians and tourists to get around just hop on and hop off the trams to do your ‘shop-to-you-drop’ shopping or avail of the amazing libraries, museums and historic places.

The old definitely merges with the new here in Melbourne —after all it has been deemed the city of culture. The trams are clean and a joy to ride on, they are very frequent on weekdays and during working hours run regularly. If you want to go outside the city area you need a Myki card (similar to London’s Oyster card) to use on trains and trams. You can purchase your Myki at 7/11 shops or most other corner shops —and then touch on and touch off for your journey. At some tram stops there are top-up machines for those that already have Myki cards.

The red vintage trams have been refurbished and are used both for the circle line and for dinner trams (the latter have been elegantly decorated in an Edwardian luxurious style with gold leaf ceilings that exude opulence. For just $85 you can dine in style enjoying a four course lunch including a glass of fizz, plus unlimited wine and to finish a special liqueur☺

Smiling face of Tim the tramcar steward
Smiling face of Tim the Colonial Tramcar steward
On board the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant
On board the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant with Chef Tanay

Duck PateDuck Paté

Sally & Tim the attentive stewards onboard
Sally & Tim the attentive stewards onboard


*The rates mentioned are subject to change and were correct at the time of being published.

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