Perth Bar scene..Bars, Bars, Bars ( & Bites)

Oh yes as one bar just isn’t enough I explored the bar scene in Perth and was pleasantly surprised with the diversity on offer.

Our pub crawl commenced at Greenhouse to ensure we had some tasty bites in our tummy first and their wedges with a chilli aoli were quite delicious and a good base for the tum to start our crawl. Greenhouse focuses on wholesome and organic goodness so of course I had probably the most unhealthy thing on the menu:-)

Following on from here just 200 metres away you will find the suits and boots of the business district congregating in Sentinel this smart crowd enjoy top shelf items and look like they have jumped out of GQ.

Next came some quirky cool bars such as Andaluz to Helvetica…Andalus with its luscious renaissance look and Helvetica with its uber trendy cool crowd not ashamed to enjoy the free charcuterie on offer each Wednesday night.

Next I ventured to St George’s Terrace housing The Print Hall which is a cross between a town hall and a warehouse conversion with high ceilings and within the central atrium the bar is covered in large glass jar botanical terrariums. Highly recommend the buttery garlic shrimps with sourdough and their waiters are very knowledgeable.

Whilst there are many other bars, bars, bars such as Angels Cut by Trustee,  The Heritage, Lafayette, Cho Choo…however one of my favourites along this strip is Bobèche which would be at home in prohibition times with the bartenders that can talk the talk as well as pour the pour…Their $20 dozen oyster platters are superb and yummy too. Their 20’s theme transcends through their superb array of old world liquors and their Old Fashioned slips down the throat superbly.

If however you want to break free of the turmoil of the suits in town then not to be missed is Clancy’s on City Beach it is a seafood joint with outstanding jugs of white sangria to be sipped whilst working your way around their entree/tapas menu with a birds eye view of the sun-set. THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

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