Feeling slimmer already! Here’s how

Ok here we are on my day 3 and your day 1. I have already lost over 1 kilo (3 ½ ibs) and I feel inspired and trust I can inspire you. With a little tenacity we can all enjoy being our ‘better’ self. My tummy is already looking less domed and I am feeling a little more energised. Now it is your turn…

Thank you to those who connected with me yesterday — it is good to know who is in the room in my virtual space — if you are new to the conversation — Do please drop me a line on my blog so I can say hi to you and do comment so I know your thoughts and do let me know how you are doing, feeling and if your scales are saying some lower numbers ☺

Firstly let’s talk about how to get started —don’t skip your breakfast –you probably heard the expression have breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper. This is rather hard to do and whilst I take this on-board let’s face it many of us have a special someone or a few special people in our lives who we need to cook for in the evening so often we are eating like kings in the evenings. If this occurs let’s try when possible to eat earlier so our body has time to digest. The later we leave it to eat the harder it is on our bodies plus we end up with far too much energy due to the new input of fuel in our bodies so we end up wide awake when we would like to be enjoying deep slumbers.

My breakfast is often egg based which varies daily from poached, to an omelette (using olive oil spray) try not to use butter — if you are addressing health issues as well as weight management then butter is not your friend. There are products such as Activia, which lowers cholesterol and is useful to use when you are maintaining your weight but right now we are at kick-start mode so we need to let our digestive system know what is going on and what good delights it now will enjoy to process.

Let me share with you my Day 1 menu (this may not be for all, especially if you are a non-meat eater but you can always substitute).

1 poached egg + 1 chorizo sausage cut length ways using no oil (there is enough in these sausages so no need) served on a bed of mixed salad leaves with ½ a lemon squeezed over + a large cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Paddle boarding –actually as the waves were rather fierce it was more kayaking than standing.

This was lunch on the run so my hubby ate one piece and I the other of battered fish (and he ate the chips). You could always have had the fish with salad but ‘hold the dressing’ just ask for a lemon and use some condiments for taste.

Mid-afternoon Snack
Coffee and ½ banana

Cup of coffee and 1/2 banana

Roast lamb with carrots, broccoli + cauliflower florets with a little gravy (I use Gravox which is GF so lighter and less greasy), plus I always love a little mint salsa using freshly picked mint blended with a little Japanese white vinegar and a hint of Agave nectar plus I always love a touch of dijon mustard on the plate (as we consume this in small quantities it is fine and certainly is more flavourful).

1 fig split in two with a spoon of mascarpone on top with a drizzle of my friends fresh honey (her bees are doing an excellent job) this can be put in the oven or put in the microwave for 30 secs or just enjoy cold.

Fresh figs with mascarpone & a drizzle of honey with fresh mint
Fresh figs with mascarpone & a drizzle of honey with fresh mint

Time for tea
Pot of pomegranate tea (herbal) I use T2 (as it uses excellent ingredients that are pure with no fillers).

I hope that some of my tips are useful. Do share with me how you are getting on and if your scales liked you when you weigh in next.

Top tip
Do drink plenty of water through the day – it is important to keep hydrated especially with the erratic weather we are having in Melbourne – 29 degrees today. Also do brush your teeth when you are hungry or have a glass of water it takes the edge off.

See you tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing your comments.
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4 thoughts on “Feeling slimmer already! Here’s how

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  1. I always struggle on work days i.e. Mon-Fri as I leave the house just after 7.30am and can’t have breakfast at home. I’d love to have eggs at work but this is not possible. I’ve tried to take in hard boiled eggs but can’t because of the smell – I’d have to eat them in the car park! Some breakfast low carb ideas on the go would be really useful. Also I cant’ do any activities during the week as I’m not home until 5.30 and then I’ve got to do the household stuff – cooking/washing/tidying/etc. An evening activity is not possible for me not only due to time constraints but also the fact I’ve got a broken back and need to rest it as soon as I can as my painkillers have all been used up to be able to go to work. I’m really struggling in my old age. I used to be able to lose weight by cutting carbs with no problem at all. In the last two years it really isn’t working for me.


    1. Hi Anna,
      Ok let’s see what you might be able to do. For brekkie if you can’t manage eggs could you make up a little salad with salad leaves and some feta and grapes and perhaps a few olives with some zaatar if you have. Then put a squeeze of lemon on it put it in a cool bag with a freezer pack and a fork and off you go. What do you think???
      I totally understand not being able to do much if you have a broken back (as I have) when did your accident happen? Mine was May last year. Do you have a pilates roll? I find that excellent to relieve some pressure — one idea is that you could spend 20 mins doing some exercises using the roll. It not only would give you great relief it would count as an activity and for the remainder of the time you would be doing your house work so that would count to. — we have to mould things to suit our rather busy and quite different lifestyles.
      Be kind to yourself and don’t beat yourself up about your age — we are all seeing the numbers go up each birthday but we are only as old as we really want to be. Let me know how you go.


      1. That Pilates Roll looks interesting – I will look into that! I don’t actually mind being my age, I think mentally it is a good and happy age to be. It is all the physical decline that goes with it that I hate and the fact that the weight isn’t shifting like it used to. I have three prolapsed discs in my back as well as some facet joint/disc degeneration. The discs I prolapsed trying to knock a wall down by myself some years ago (I didn’t have a husband at the time!).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hi Anna,
        I am so sorry to hear not only how you must have struggled knocking down a wall alone but coping after with such a terrible accident and the pain thereafter. Do tryout a pilates roll it has certainly helped me with my pain management (without taking anything orally — as the pills were increasing my weight). So pleased that you have the loving support you need now — hope to meet your hubby one day.


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